State-of-the-Art solution to utilize and book Workspaces, Meeting Rooms, and Equipment - Anytime from Anywhere

zLinkRes™ enables employees to reserve Workspaces, Meeting Rooms or Equipment based on their availability. zLinkRes™ also has a user friendly mobile extension which can run on any mobile platform through which the employees can make new reservations or check-in/check-out existing reservations. The mobile application also supports proximity checking to ensure that the employees are not doing the check-in from a remote location. Various configurable options are provided to support various requirements viz. Advance Reservation Period, Number of Reservations in a stipulated time, making reservations for other users who are in different locations, customization of entities etc. zLinkRes™ is fully integrated with zLinkFM™, a comprehensive IWMS platform which provides seamless integration between the two applications.

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