Work Order and Maintenance Management

zLink's Work Order and Maintenance Management solution provides comprehensive functionality that enables the creation and incorporation of Work Orders into the Preventive and Unscheduled Maintenance Schedule. All Work Orders may incorporate a “Work Flow” that reflect the required maintenance process, and manages the performance of a Work Order or a Project automatically.

Boost communication in your maintenance and management teams by streamlining work orders online, on smartphones, and in email. Loop in vendors and use simple preventive maintenance scheduling to save time & improve service.

All Work Orders for Preventive Maintenance or other repeatable work tasks can be automatically scheduled and their performance status automatically reported. All repeatable Work Orders can be created once and reused as needed (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annually) and linked to technical specifications and instructions on how to perform the defined work. Staff and responsible Manager can be assigned to Work Orders and accordingly the work / project progress and status are tracked and reported. Additional information can be incorporated into the Work Orders such as “materials and costs, labor hours and charge back costs”, and subsequently used to update financial systems.

Workflows reflecting corporate business process can be integrated with specific work types. Space Planners can create Workflows to automatically notify IT and facilities staff of Employee Moves in advance and track actions by IT and Facilities as to any required changes. Creation of Work Orders can be incorporated into the Move Project Workflow and email Notification can be generated in advance of the planned move to all parties including IT, Space Planners, IT and Movers.

zLink's Work Order Management solution is based on a configuration of these zLinkFM™ Modules:

*Note that zLink, Inc. Business Solutions are customizable and modules can vary to accommodate the individual client needs.

Details about the individual Modules can be found by clicking on the Module name on below of this Webpage.