Energy Management

The energy landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and energy use is a major factor in building operations costs. Indus Systems delivers real-time energy consumption information through integrating sub-metering technology to proactively influence energy consumption patterns in the workplace and enhance the sustainability of facilities.

A first step towards establishing an energy management plan, improving efficiency and reducing operating cost is to measure consumption and identify major energy sinks. Analysis of this consumption detail can provide the basis for investments in energy efficiencies to optimize energy use.

zLink's Energy management solution combines sub-metering hardware, facility architectural as-built plans; and analytical, user-friendly, web-based software to provide real-time insights into the energy consumption patterns. The approach starts with a basic definition of energy consuming zones. The As-Built plans are used to define lighting, heating, and air-conditioning zones, based on specific business functions. In addition, major energy consuming equipment in the building is identified on the various floor plans and the connections to specific panels are established to facilitate the management of sub-meters. Graphical analysis of real-time data provides visual energy use patterns, equipment alarm management, and web monitoring of equipment performance and failure forecasts.

Energy Investment Analysis combines energy audits and data analysis to identify building specific opportunities for energy investments and significant cost savings for the long term. In addition, the web-based, drawing-centric software allows monitoring all institutional facilities from a central location, and sharing drawings and data with other facility management functions.

The Energy Management solution gets granular data to see the profile of energy usage and opportunities to develop energy strategies to analyze, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

zLink's Energy Management solution is based on a configuration of these zLinkFM™ Modules:

*Note that zLink, Inc. Business Solutions are customizable and modules can vary to accommodate the individual client needs.

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